Jake West – ‘The Keeper of the Stones’

When fifteen year old Jake West and his best friend, Ben Brooker, help Jake’s grandfather clear his attic of the junk he’s collected from his years of travelling, the boys discover an old chest containing a beautifully carved wooden box.  The box contains a set of five mysterious stones and, when they erupt to emit a bright beam of light, it sparks an epic journey which will lead Jake into a dangerous world and to the discovery of some strange family secrets.

In an instant he becomes the latest in a long line of world protectors, a symbol of hope to millions and prey to all the warriors, wizards and evil tyrants who now know of his and the stones’ existence.

It’s the ultimate fantasy adventure and it’s due to be released in mid August.

Jake West – ‘The Keeper of the Stones’ is an introductory novel.  It is intended to be the first of a two/three part series that tells of the Keeper’s rebirth and the restoration of the stones.  Further adventures in different lands/times and a prequel are also planned.

An ordinary teenage boy….

An extraordinary world….

And a strange family secret.

A New hero is born !

Spread the word and watch the net.

This is one train you won’t want to miss!


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